Mick Ohman decided to go on an adventure near Crown King, Arizona and he ended up getting stranded for three days. "It was a series of small, little mistakes that added up."

He ventured out to have lunch and on the way home he took a different route which led him to the middle of nowhere. Mick says, "The road got more narrow, steeper and rougher and there was a sheer drop off on one side and I didn't have time to maneuver until it was too late."

Luckily his truck still ran so he had the use of the air conditioner. He also had some carbonated water and beer in the backseat which didn't last him very long.

The next morning the trekked out and found a small amount of fresh water to fill up his bottles. It wasn't until the third day that he found somebody else in the desert.

Matt lost 14 pounds across those 72 hours, but a checkup at the hospital says he's doing fine.

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