Many people talk about the hazards of the obesity problem and the first one being that our children won't live as long as we are expected to due to this epidemic.

This is a big problem, but no one ever thinks of the thrift shops. As we get out of high school and college and into our middle-aged selves, our waistline naturally gets a little bigger. So we have to do something with those old clothes. The thrift store gets some new inventory to sell to the young kids who now are looking at your old clothes as retro.

Yes you're old enough to have your high school clothes looked at as retro. Congratulations. That'll do wonders for your self-esteem.

But now, unlike when we were in high school and getting stupid thrift store hand-me-downs that our parents dropped off, now these poor kids are walking in already too big for that mint green suit jacket that you were hoping would come back in style.

It didn’t.

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