There's about to be a mass organized effort to lure moviegoers back to theaters, so watch for all of the incoming deals and promotions.

One of the cooler deals out so far is from AMC Theaters, who will celebrate the first-ever cinema week by offering popcorn in the coolest way possible.

The chain is offering unlimited popcorn refills to all customers buying any size of the staple snack. So get your bag, and stuff your face.


AMC is offering just one of numerous promotions being planned by cinema chains to get people back into the swing of things.

Cinema Week runs June 22-27, but AMC's popcorn offering doesn't end until June 30th.

Over 300 theater companies have come together to create a new theater experience that's exciting, with offerings like:

  • Special in-theater events
  • Signed movie memorabilia
  • Private watch parties
  • Concessions deals
  • Reward program special offerings

If you're planning on seeing any big releases, it would behoove you to go this week, because most of the cool stuff revolves around the big movies like:

  • Fast and Furious
  • Summer of Soul 
  • A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place II
  • Werewolves

“A few weeks ago in Los Angeles, movie theater owners, 13 movie studios, and talented filmmakers got together to tell you ‘The Big Screen is Back’,” NATO President and CEO John Fithian said. “With pandemic cases falling, vaccinations rising, movie theaters in all major markets opening to 100% capacity, and big, crowd-pleasing titles being released all summer long, we’re keeping our word — with the kickoff of Cinema Week, The Big Screen is Back.”

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