Last years total was $210,850.

Imagine walking away with $105,425 just by playing a 50/50 raffle from a town of around 2,000 people.

Amboy Illinois hosts Depot Days has been hosting this drawing since 2001 where it started out as a $8,400 total.  Some how this became a huge draw around this area and in 2015 they brought in $149,333! Severe weather brought the total down to ONLY $135,903 in 2016…but last year they blew that total away almost by double!

This year they won't be shattering any records unfortunately.  The committee met last night and decided to cancel the Depot Days celebration and of course the 50/50 drawing.

It's a shame. Not only is it fun to be apart of and check their Facebook page on the day of the drawing but all the proceeds benefit community projects. And for a small town this is a HUGE loss.

In a Facebook post they said, "Because of the Governor’s orders, still no gatherings over 50 people until stage 5, we are currently at stage 3. With that being said, Depot Days festival, Car Show and 50/50 drawing had been cancelled for 2020. We’ve taken a lot pride in providing local charities and non profit organizations with much needed funding.  -@AmboyDepotDays5050Drawing

At first glance, it seems that the 50/50 could still continue.  But they mention that the overwhelming majority of the money comes in specifically on Depot Days weekend that Sunday the car show helps boost the numbers to their heights. They go on to say that the festival, car show & 50/50 drawing "all work hand in hand so if one of those events are cancelled the other two simply cannot be the success we strive for each and every year."

Support your small businesses and let's hope next year looks different.


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