I've recently found a fun/geeky way to enjoy my Amazon Echo.  On the Alexa app, there is a feature called "Routines".  This allows you to set a series of events that Alexa goes through every time you say the custom phrase.

For instance...I say "Alexa, good morning" and she tells me the weather forecast, plays some local news, some national news and then turns on 97X.  All without me having to say anything else.

I've set it up to wake up my kids too.  As every parent know, each kid is different so both require different times to get ready for school.

So, for the girl, I say "Alexa, wake up zoey" and adjusts the volume (ie: turns it up loud enough to wake her) and plays her favorite artist who apparently is Lil Peep. (man am I old).

For the boy, I say "Alexa, wake up Jax" and it cranks the volume and plays a giant long fart sound followed by his favorite artist who apparently is JuiceWorld. (my kids listen exclusively to dead rappers)

So, of course I connected to this video below.

We've seen our share of kids giggling when the virtual assistant makes fart sounds.  But this time it's a grown man who asks Alexa to fart, and then laughs it up when his wish is granted.  And when she rips off 17 more in a row . . . he totally loses it.

His wife is filming it, and she wonders why she "married a child."

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