Two rides at Adventureland are closing, one for the summer, the other until new parts arrive.

According to a Facebook post by Adventureland, the ride that will not open this summer is Storm Chaser. Storm Chaser is a swing ride that takes riders up to speeds of 35 mph. It's closed because of "ongoing challenges with supply chain". The park said they're working with the ride's manufacturer and hope to have it open again next year.

The other Adventureland ride impacted by supply chain issues is the Sidewinder. The park has closed that ride while they're still waiting for new parts for it to arrive so they can complete the "needed maintenance work" for the ride. Sidewinder is a ride that combines spinning and swinging. The park says they'll post updates on that ride's progress.

Adventureland Park Facebook
Adventureland Park Facebook

The post by Adventureland also says that the Sky Ride, which gave visitors an aerial view of the park or could take them from one end of the park to the other, is still closed because it's undergoing a safety review.

The park's Raging River ride is also closed this summer too, after the fatal incident on the ride last year.

Adventureland is open every day from 10:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. They will be open on only weekends starting August 27 through Sept. 18.

For the latest on the progress of Adventureland's rides, including Sidewinder, and any events they have coming up, you can keep up with them on Facebook. You can get more details on tickets and events at Adventureland's website here.

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