You're 98 years old, you've seen the first motion picture with sound, Babe Ruth's record home run season, the invention of frozen vegetables, a World War, a depression, the invention of the Polaroid, the space race, the first man on the moon, television going from not being in any homes to full color to what it is today, the list goes on and on - but you've never shot off fireworks. Of course, your grandkids are going to help you with that one.

Video shared to TikTok shows a guy who goes by "Sir Thomas Reign" helping his 98-year-old grandma shoot off a roman candle. Nothing too crazy, it doesn't have report or any other big surprises.

Thomas Reign lights the roman candle, and she asks "What do I do?" as she holds the lit tube.

"Keep holding it like that," he says as the first ball shoots out.

"OH!" She shouts with shock.

And then again, after every single ball shot out of the tube, with just as much surprise as the first time.

"That's awful!" She says after the final ball was fired.

Commenters wanted to know how it was even possible that she was so shocked by every single one just as equally as the first.

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