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Ray Davies Discusses Inspiration for New Album 'Americana': Exclusive Video Premiere

Ray Davies has a new solo album coming out called Americana.  The Kinks frontman says before they came to America he had an idea of America being shopping malls & consumerism, but once he came he became fascinated!  The new album is out April 21st.

Dickey Betts' Wife Jailed After Threatening to Shoot a Group of Students 

Dickey Betts is known for being a tad ornery.  Looks like his tastes in women lean that way too.  Donna Betts, the Allman Brothers guitarists wife, has been charged with aiming a rifle at a group of students saying the high schoolers have “destroyed her life.”


The Search for Bob Seger's Out of Print Back Catalog 

The case is being made for reissues of Bob Seger’s catalog to be made.  He’s one of the last hold outs to allow his music on streaming services, which is respectable…but a lot of his catalog is out of print.  Used copies of his first 7 albums are pricey…starting out around $30, but go as high $200 for some collectors.
Billy Gibbons and Sammy Hagar Talk About Favorite Blues Artists