Smart homes are coming. We have have Wi-Fi connected doorbells so that we can see who's at the door with out peaking out the window and electronic assistants that will dim the lights when a voice command.

Now it's time for the smart bathroom to take over. Kohler is making plans for just that with a line of products that you can control from a smartphone app.

The bathroom products revealed at CES 2018 include the Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror – an Alexa-enabled mirror, DTV+ smart shower system, and the Numi – a smart toilet equipped with lighting, music, and heating functionality.

All these devices combined will set you back several thousand dollars, but will give you seamless control over the lighting, music, water temperature, and toilet seat warmth. No word yet if you can update your Facebook while going Number 2.

Read more at Tech Crunch.

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