I don't think the question for Americans is: "Do you keep a weapon by the bed in case you hear a break-in?" I think the question is: "When you hear a break-in, how many guns do you grab? And side note, can feet hold guns?"

According to a new survey conducted by OnePoll for Alarm.com, the average person has 4.6 moments every year where they're afraid someone's broken into their house. For people with kids, that jumps to six moments per year.

And 39% of us keep a, "weapon or item" near the bed in case one of those isn't a false alarm.

But even though we're paranoid about break-ins, we're not all that proactive in stopping them.

48% of people admit they don't always remember to check if the doors and windows are locked at night, and 35% know for sure that they've left the doors unlocked in the past year. And 25% of people have left their garage door open accidentally at least once in the past 12 months.

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