I've never been a big fight fan but I remember the Mike Tyson/Buster Douglas fight and trying to convince my dad who won.  He thought I was playing a joke on him.  On paper it was obvious Tyson would be the winner of this fight.  So much so that dad didn't even bother to come into the living room and watch Tyson win one. more. time.

But that's not what happened obviously.

Since then there have been thousands of broadcasts, millions of opinions, and countless opinions about how Tyson didn't take the fight seriously and how could've/should've taken the time to prepare, train, or at least not eat & drink like a mad man before the fight.

There was a "fight event" in Russia called "Our Business" that had plenty of fights on the card but none that really have a shot at going viral.  However, a fight between a 139-pound female MMA fighter and a 529-pound male MMA fighter at least has a shot.

Especially if she wins.

Especially if it's within about 90 seconds by TKO.

(Here's video.  The fight starts at 0:35.  She lands a punch at 1:48 that makes him fall to the mat, and she punches relentlessly until it's called at 2:04.)

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