Everyone has a couple dishes they can throw together for dinner at the last minute to get dinner done. A new survey from OnePoll shows what dishes we can get by without reading a recipe card, and it's kind of sad that the majority of the country can't fake their way through simple dishes like scrambled eggs. The Top 5 responses involved eggs, because what's easier than eggs?

  1. Eggs Over Easy - 49% of people said they could fake their way through cracking an egg into a hot pan.
  2. Scrambled Eggs - 46%, sad that 54% of people can't crack two eggs into a dish and scramble them.
  3. Hard Boiled Eggs - 44%
  4. Poached Eggs - 44%
  5. French Toast - 41%
  6. Soup - 36% can make it, but it's not specified whether its Campbell's or made from scratch.
  7. Grilled Cheese - 36% is just depressing. If you're in the 64% who can't, maybe you need a Grilled Cheese Toaster
  8. Pasta - 36%
  9. Rice - 36%
  10. Salad - 36%

Number 11? Toast. 66% of people don't know how to put bread in a toaster. This poll is a joke- or American's ability to feed themselves is a joke. Either way, learn how to work a toaster.

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