Free Food Delivery For a Year?
Bite Squad is launching in Davenport.  They're a food delivery service partnering with about 30 area restaurants to be the Uber of food delivery!
Treehouse Pub, Olive Tree Cafe, Nally's Kitchen, California Pho, Azteca 1, Osaka, Habaneros, Boozie's, Driftwood Pub, Charley's St…
Retrofest at the Hilltop on Saturday
This Saturday, September 15th The Hilltop Campus Village is hosting Retro Fest!
They'll be celebrating the decade of the 1970's with live music including Been There Done That, V2 and local food vendors like Zeke's Island Cafe!
Visit neighborhood businesses...
Family Fun Bike Ride Saturday in Geneseo
This Saturday, September 15th is Geneseo Brewing Co's Family Fun Bike Ride! And it ain't no joke!  It's a 100-mile course - well...kind of.  It consists of four 25 mile loops.
You can choose a loop to ride ... or, ride all four! There's live music too...
Who’s Hungry For New Music?
NEW RELEASES OUT NOW and available at Co-op Records in Moline!
Paul McCartney "Egypt Station"
Eminem "Kamikaze"
Clutch "Book of Bad Decisions"
William Elliott Whitmore "Kilonova"
Paul Simon "In the Blue Light"
Suicidal Tendencies "Still Cyco Punk Afte…
In Defense of Skid Row
I can't imagine the naughty, dirty, disgusting things I would do if I were offered the kind of money Skid Row has been offered to reunite with Sebastian Bach.
The fact that they haven't gone after the money grab and have stuck to their guns all these years makes me respect these guys e…

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