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KFC Is Making Candles That Smell Like Gravy
I'm not sure I need help making my house smell like gravy... if anything, I could probably use less of a perma-gravy smell... but your situation might be different.
So good news:  KFC just created a candle that smells just like their gravy...
Benefit For Casey Hitchcock Coming Up
It's been just over seven months since Casey "Shrek" Hitchcock was in a tragic motorcycle accident in Bettendorf that took his life, and people are still having a hard time adjusting to his loss. His wife, Mandy Sinnott Hitchcock, is still dealing with a mountain of bills and debt trying t…
Fixing Klinger's Hand... Kind Of
After having a few beers over the weekend, Klinger confided to my wife (a nurse) that he has this weird bump on his hand and it's starting to bother him. She immediately identified it as a Ganglion Cyst and told him that a quick way to fix it is to hit it with a heavy book...

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