just put out its annual list of the best jobs in America. And for once I won't make the bad joke that "photographer for 'Playboy'" got robbed. Now that they're nudity-free, that job is the worst. I'd rather be a dentist.

Photo by Carl Court / Getty Images

Here are the 10 best jobs for 2016 based on three main factors: Number of openings, salary, and career opportunities.

  1. Data scientist
  2. Tax manager
  3. Solutions architect. It's a fancy way of saying you come up with solutions for users and clients.
  4. Engagement manager. Today it's all about getting people to 'engage' with your products or Facebook posts.
  5. Mobile developer. Meaning you develop apps.
  6. HR manager
  7. Physician's assistant
  8. Product manager
  9. Software engineer
  10. Audit manager

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