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The Top 10 Skills That Every Dad Needs
Someone could make a fortune if they set up a school to teach men these skills. Because I can't imagine anyone can do all of them. A new survey found skills that every dad needs to have.
Boetje's Uncommon Is Back!
I love a good mustard, and Boetje's is one of the best mustard's I've ever had in my entire life.
Olympic Bobsled For Sale on eBay
I've had a hunch that the idea of a Jamaican Bobsled team was a joke played on the entire world. Now, I'm 100% sure we've been punked.
Old George's Ale Returns to the QCA
We've partnered again with Bent River Brewing Co. to celebrate America's greatest home-brewer and create a craft beer to match our modernized palates.
Woman Goes Through X-Ray With Purse
A woman in Guangdong, China was going through a security checkpoint at a train station earlier this week, and she had to put her purse through the X-ray machine.
Space Observatory Coming to Wilton
Listener Grant Harkness has been doing great things for the Wilton Community School District. He's leading the Wilton Observatory Project which will give students of all ages a new kind of experience.
Jumping a Snowmobile in Michigan
When the dead of winter hits and people start thinking about vacations, they take the Dwyer way and make plans to plant their asses in the sand on some beach down south.