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Resident’s Complain: “Somebody Is Pooping On Our Lawns”
A "Mad Pooper" has struck the New York suburb of Orchard Park. Residents have called the cops and even placed an ad in the local paper complaining about somebody leaving feces in their yards.
The anonymously placed ad reads:
To the person/jogger who is pooping on our lawns in the Vil…
The “Man Flu” Is Real And It Hits Hard
Grown men have a reputation for immediately turning into giant babies when they get sick. Just ask my wife. According to a new study, that's totally justified!
12 Friends of Facebook Day Eight: Karli Morse, Go Hawkeyes!
Wishing the happiest of holidays to our next Friend of Facebook--Karli Morse!
In the spirit of the holiday season, I won't mention that she's an Aaron Rodgers fan, and probably the Packers too. But I hope the Packers plane disappears heading to their next road game, and they are never foun…