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This morning's show features a wide variety of guests.  First up is Dr. Lloyd Kilmer with Performance Learning in Davenport.  Dr. Kilmer is co-owner of this business that provides tutoring and additional learning options for kids of various ages.  They also work with military families.  These families experience particular challenges due to one or both parents military service.  Lloyd offered up some ideas on addressing these challenges.  We also discussed learning in general.  He and his staff are enthusiastic supporters of our military and Veterans' communities.

To "learn" more about about Performance Learning, please visit their website.

Dr. Lloyd Kilmer and Jeno Berta on QC Veterans' Roll Call.

Our second guest was Ms. Brittany Bullen with Nerdy Girl,  She has transitioned from a career in the performance arts into now running a business that supplies other businesses with contract work writers for their blogs.  She discussed how she did this while being a wife and having three kids at home.  We talked about how Veterans in general and female Veterans in specific can begin a new career as a freelance writer.

If you want to learn more about Brittany's company, Nerdy Girl, check out her website here.  Brittany has made her program available via an MP3 program.  To check it out, click on this link.

Out third guest was a bit of a reunion for me.  Mr. Terrence McRae retired after a 20-yaar career of active duty service.  At one time, he served as the Chief of Operational Law at First U.S. Army, Rock Island Arsenal.  I met him there when I was assigned to his section.  Now, he is a corporate executive with Walmart in the Atlanta area.  He weighed in on a number of significant topics.  We touched on the strategic threat North Korea poses to Asia and the world, advice on transitioning from the military to the private sector and the ongoing National Anthem protest.  Terrence shared his perspective on these issues as a Veteran, corporate leader and a man of color.

We ended our show with a reminder for all eligible voters to get registered and get out and vote this election.  As we've said and will continue to say:  If anyone's voice needs to be heard at the ballot box, it is our Veterans.  Please, please get out and vote, thanks!

And thanks for supporting QC Veterans' Roll Call!

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(Editor's note, I regret not being able to get either Brittany or Terrence's photo up on the blog.  I am working with our web producer to get this fixed ASAP.)