Greetings All:

This week's show coincides with a most somber anniversary, 9/11. Fifteen years ago, a normal Tuesday morning became, for many, the last "normal" day ever. On a truly beautiful late summer morning, America was attacked. Not since The War of 1812 had the continental US, CONUS to some, come under attack.

The first attacks were in New York City, at the Twin Towers, the heart of the financial capital of the city, of America, of the free world. The images of the Towers...and people falling are forever seared in the memories of many of us.

It is against this backdrop that I interviewed my first two guests, Mr. Dror Nir and Mr. Kenneth Traficante.  I worked with both of them at AXA Advisors and all three of us were in NYC on 9/11. Although we were perfectly safe (our office was many, many blocks north of the attacks) we had an unfortunate front row seat to the events that unfolded that day.

Dror and Ken are good friends and I am honored they elected to come on the show and recall their memories of that day.  As you listen to the interview, please take note of the examples of quiet leadership that were demonstrated by my friends that day.

It took us about six hours to get back home.  All of us lived in New Jersey at the time and it was surreal to be on the Parkway, usually as jammed with cars as the I-74 Bridge during the recent construction, almost empty of cars. That was just one of many memories we shared.

We concluded our discussion by recalling the fortitude and resilience of New Yorkers. You can knock them down, but never out.

United Airlines Flight 175 crashes into the south tower of the World Trade Center complex in New York City during the September 11 attacks. From WIkipedia, sharing authorized, citation to photo:

My final guest for this show is our own Jeff Lynn, Operations Manager for Townsquare Media.  On 9/11 Jeff was working in a similar capacity in Madison, Wisconsin. He retold what it was like to be asked by his news director, "Hey, something's going on in New York.  Should we go back on the air?" Jeff said yes and from there on out, it was no more music, all news...and most of it was bad. Yet the story had to be put out there. Jeff made sure that happened.

Jeff Lynn and Jeno Berta on September 8, 2016, taping "QC Veterans' Roll Call" radio show.

This anniversary means different things to different people.  For many of you reading this blog or listening to this show, you found yourself heading off to a land (or lands) you might had never heard of.  Now, they are part of our lexicon...and our shared history.  Today is a day to remember, to mourn, to reflect.  However you choose to do so is up to you.

For me, I think about the first responders on that day.  Dror mentioned the fire station close to our office and the losses suffered on9/11. We've all heard about the firefighters and police running into the building, up to the fire, never to return. The featured photo is of that station and its memorial. Sadly, there are others, too many others, with similar memorials.

This show is dedicated to 2,977 victims who perished on that terrible day. To remember is to honor.

Be well my friends,