This date marks the anniversary of the first Van Halen world tour, which took place mostly in the U.S. and Canada.  There has been a long-standing "legend" about Van Halen's dressing room requirements including placement of a bowl full of M&M's with the BROWN ones removed in plain sight upon their arrival.

Well, the legend is true.According to the band, it wasn't some "spoiled brat" behavior but a way to tell if the specs of the full contract were read thoroughly and therefore complied with.  Makes sense in a way, but rather than ask about or discuss the more important technical requirements for the show, the band sometimes cancelled and/or trashed the place if they simply found some brown m&m's.  Well, they were growing with such tremendous popularity at the time that they could pull that crap and get away with it!  Ahh, the good ole days!

So today, think about your first Van Halen concert experience and smile.  But don't trash the break room if your M&M's from the vending machine have extra "brownies".