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Our August 14th show just aired.  We had three terrific guests:  Rachel Thomas, a Realtor with Exit Realty Fireside; Rick Matthews, a Loan Originator with Modern Woodman Bank and Jennifer Toenjes with Iowa Works. Rachel and discussing the upcoming job fair. Rachel is a Realtor and Rick is a Loan Originator and they discussed the "Homes for Heroes" program.  "Homes For Heroes" is a way for our military, Veterans, first-responders, medial providers and teachers to qualify for significant savings on a residential home transaction.  To learn more about this program, here is the website for the program:

If you would like to reach out to Rachel, you may do so at her web address:

Rick may be reached here:

(from left to right) Jeno Berta, Rachel Thomas and Rick Matthews taping "QC Veterans' Roll Call."


Jennifer discussed the upcoming job fair this coming Tuesday, August 16th, at the Iowa National Guard Armory.  We did a separate post on this job fair to highlight this important event.

Jennifer Toenjes and Jeno Berta at Thursday's taping of "QC Veterans' Roll Call."

This event is free to attend and will be an excellent opportunity for our Veterans' community to get the resources and skills to obtain employment!  Please see the attached photo for more information.

In addition to our guests, this week's show profiled a book, Extreme Ownership, by Jocko Willick and Leif Babin, both former Navy SEALs.  Yes, this book tells the tale of war as only special operators at the gleaming tip of the spear can.  Yet, it is more, much more than a collection of war stories.  It is a practical guide on how to not only lead, but be a leader.  Their lessons are applicable to the boardroom, classroom, factory floor, or the family room.  To learn more about Mr. Willick and Babin's consulting firm, Echelon Front, please visit their website listed below.

As for the book, I saw it on the shelf of the new book section of the Bettendorf Library a few weeks' back.  If you would like to order it on Amazon, here is the link:

For those of you interested in learning more about the book, here is a shameless plug for my personal blog on a book review I wrote on this book about 6 months ago:

The book is also available in audio form via Audible.  That is how I learned about it and listened to it.  (When you run as slow as me, you don't need music.)

I should mention that any book or other publication or product of intellectual value or company, business, "all of the above" should not be considered an endorsement in any way, shape or form by this show or our parent company, Townsquare Media.  As with anything, please do your own due diligence before making a commitment or purchase.

Finally, and perhaps most important, we mentioned the upcoming "Tribute To Our Fallen."  This is taking place this coming weekend, August 19-21st.  Please see the featured flier for more information.  We are not able to post the link to the Facebook Page.  However, if you search "Tribute To Our Fallen," the page should appear.  If you have never seen the memorial at Davenport Memorial Park, it is a moving, somber experience.  I understand that this event will feature many American flags, reverently positions in a triangle.  If you can attend, please do so.

The entry to the Veterans' Memorial Display at Davenport's Memorial Park.

We enjoy doing this show and consider it an honor to bring it to you.  If there are guests, programs, books, articles, events or just about anything else you would like to hear on the show, please let us know.  After all, this is your show, Quad Cities. Thanks for listening to "QC Veterans' Roll Call" radio show!

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