Zac Brown was at a party last week where four people were arrested for possession of drugs. There seems to be a cover-up, because his name was not in the police report.

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Last Friday at around 5:30 AM police arrested a guy in the parking lot of the Four Seasons in Palm Beach, Florida. He was carrying more than 30 grams of coke. He also said he was there with two women in the hotel.

Police and hotel security raided that room and found nine women and three men. Zac was one of them. He wasn't arrested, but two of the women were busted for possession of cocaine. One guy was popped for possession of marijuana.

TMZ contacted the Palm Beach police department to find out why Zac's name wasn't on the report, but they couldn't get a straight answer.

For what it's worth, sources also told TMZ that Zac had prescription pills on him, and that the police asked him to send proof that he had a legitimate prescription. Zac's publicist isn't commenting.

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