Everything you once loved is eventually ruined. Nothing ever changes for the better. Life is just empty darkness.

Sealed Air Corp. is the company that makes Bubble Wrap, and they're about to start selling a version that you can't pop. They gave it a horrible name, too: iBubble Wrap.

Its bubbles are part of a chain and they aren't individually inflated, so you can't pop them. Sealed Air will sell the stuff uninflated and companies will have to pay about $5,500 for a pump that inflates it.

It'll save Sealed Air a lot of money, and over time it will save those companies money because this stuff will be cheaper than old-fashioned Bubble Wrap. It'll also be good for the companies like Amazon because the uninflated wrap takes up less space in their warehouses and they can use that extra room to stock more products.

Traditional Bubble Wrap will still be on sale, you can expect that pretty soon, a lot of the packages you get will use this new version.