It's no surprise that your kids' odds of becoming a pro athlete are very slim, no matter how good they seem in high school.


Well, there's a new study called 'The Odds of Success' and it has some actual numbers to demonstrate just how long those odds are. Here's how it breaks down for each major sport:

  • Men's Ice Hockey: 1-in-598
  • Baseball: 1-in-659
  • Football: 1-in-4,233
  • Men's Soccer: 1-in-5,768
  • Men's Basketball: 1-in-11,771
  • Women's Basketball: 1-in-13,015

There are also some other stats included in the study, like you have a 1-in-20 million chance of becoming a saint. A real saint, not a New Orleans Saint.

And you're 3.4-times more likely to die by lightning strike than to be elected to the U.S. Congress. Although, there are plenty of other jobs where you can sit around doing nothing that are easier to get.

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