Item from today's show gram says the 'stick' is in the Toy Hall Of Fame, inducted in 2008. There are 2 other toys that weren't "toys" when that came out, but are in the HOF.

Look how much fun this dude is having playing with sticks, recently added to the Toy Hall of Fame.

Cardboard box, from 2005, and blanket in 2011. Blanket was kinda iffy for me because I was picturing Linus from Peanuts, and not really a toy at all. Then a listener reminded me about making forts in the living room. Hell yeah.

Then we put it out there--what toy that's NOT a toy belongs in the running (they announce in October, and I think on the link you can nominate toys) for 2015? Our 3 best were: ceiling fan, paper shredder, and our overwhelming favorite, pots and pans drum set.