Spelling is kind of a lost art, people either have everything automatically spell-checked, or just don't care if they're right or wrong. But still, wow.

Google just put together a map with the word that every state has the most trouble spelling, based on the number of searches for "how to spell" that word and all of its possible misspellings. Here are some of the highlights:

A few states have nothing to be ashamed of. For example: the most misspelled word in Connecticut and West Virginia is "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."

Other states that Googled a legitimately tricky word include Michigan, Washington, Alabama, and Maine: all of which had trouble spelling "pneumonia." New Hampshire, where people have trouble spelling "diarrhea."

Now, the bad ones. People in New Mexico somehow had the most trouble spelling "banana" and people in Ohio, New York, Minnesota, and California had trouble spelling "beautiful." People in New Jersey can't spell "twelve."

But the most embarrassing is a tie between South Dakota, where the most commonly misspelled word is "college" and Wisconsin, where the most commonly misspelled word is "Wisconsin."

Here's the full map with each state's most misspelled word:

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