Nobody looks back at their first few jobs with fondness.  Detasseling corn isn't something I'll ever do again...that's for damn sure.  But rarely does one get to look back at something and then realize how cool it was to be a part of it.

My high school job was tying these little plastic jobies together with a nylonesque rope about the size of a bracelet.  We'd carpool and drive 15 minutes after school to Rolling Hills in Lanark, Il and stand on an assembly line while singing, throwing stuff when the boss wasn't looking and genuinely just trying to kill time to make it go faster. Then we'd get our paycheck that Friday, cash it...and give it to someone over 21 for that weekends "party favors".

Monotony. Monotony. Monotony.

I knew we put together something to do with ammunition, but it was never truly described to me in a way that made me give a rats ass. Now, that I'm older & I found this video (thanks for a former Hill employee, named Texas) I realized something...

I realized that there was no way they should've entrusted us morons to such an important job!!

The GAU-8 Avenger is the largest gun in a combat jet. So big, infact, the airplane itself is built actually around it. It can fire up to 3,900 rounds per minute. Below is a video of how the USAF loads it.

The plastic rod looking things are what my meat-head buddies and I tied together for beer money.