There are a lot of reasons why Uber became successful: it's cheaper than a cab, you don't have to stand on the street or make a phone call to get one, and all the payments are handled automatically.

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One of the absolute best things is that there was no tipping. Uber said the tip was built into the price. The whole thing was so refreshing and simple. Emphasis on "was." Because now, you'll probably have to start tipping your Uber drivers.

Uber settled a lawsuit with its drivers on Sunday night, and one of the big results is that drivers are now allowed to accept tips.

Of course, you don't have to tip them, but don't forget, the drivers get to rate you after the ride too. So if you don't tip, and drivers keep giving you bad ratings, your score could drop so low that drivers might stop picking you up.

Just to make things worse, you'll have to tip in cash because it'll be totally separate from the Uber app.

This might sound like the drivers were the big winners from the lawsuit, but they weren't. Sure, they get tips, but the settlement lets Uber keep classifying them as contractors so they don't have to pay for health insurance or any other benefits.

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