If hardcore Christians weren't already upset over the lack of Christmas spirit on Starbucks' new cups, this will probably get them. Some guy has published am erotic human on gay holiday cup novel.

Chuck Tingle's "Oppressed in the Butt by My Inclusive Holiday Coffee Cups" is the first and, if we're lucky, only erotic fiction to come out of the Starbucks Christmas Cup Scandal. The "scandal" may just be one big marketing ploy by Starbucks themselves, has anybody truly been offended by the plain red cups? Real or not, Tingle is aiming to gain a profit from it.

(Chuck Tingle / Amazon)

The 4,700 erotic tale follows a former preacher turned viral sensation, Jabua Fogstein, as he tries his new favorite coffee from "Starbutts".

But when Jabua receives his coffee, he finds himself in a waking nightmare, discovering that the cups have been redesigned in sleek plain red without a trace of Christmas imagery.

The shock causes Jabua to suffer a major heart attack and lands him in the hospital, but he’s about to receive some visitors that will open both his heart, and his butt. Soon enough, Jabua finds himself at the center of a hardcore gangbang with these handsome gay cups, and learns a little something about holiday spirit!