Other than beer, nothing goes better with football than irresponsible amounts of food. And the New York Jets have it covered this season.

There's a new item on the menu at Jets games this year, a $50 breakfast sandwich called the Jumbo Jet Breakfast Bagel that weighs around three pounds.

It's a 10-inch everything bagel with a pound of breakfast sausage, a pound of chorizo, a half-pound of ham, four eggs, some hash browns, and four slices of cheese.

(New York Jets)

You're supposed to cut it up and share it with three-to-five other people, but you know there are fans who can't wait to try and take one down themselves.

If you don't want breakfast, they're also selling a Jumbo Jet Sausage, which is a 28-inch Italian sausage on a 24-inch bun. And their Jumbo Jet Pretzel is topped with a half-pound of cheese, a half-pound of sausage, a half-pound of fried jalapenos, and they serve it in a pizza box.

(New York Jets)
(New York Jets)

All three of the items are being sold before games as part of the stadium's tailgate festivities.

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