When we were in high school....I mean, just after we turned 21...my buddy Jorge created a nasty little drink that we were obsessed with for a little while.

It's called The Jorge Slammer.  Equal parts: Beer, Southern Comfort, Orange Juice, Mountain Dew.

Don't smell it!  Just chug it!

It was awful.  But, man did it get things done!  It has been 15-20 years since we've had Slammers...for good reason.

Here's a new drink that you also may want to avoid: The Badger!  A place in London called The Marine Boathouse has come up with a great way to ruin your Guinness by putting it on top of some Smirnoff Ice.

Not sure how they get the separation, but is sure does look pretty.  Like a Black & Tan but more blasphemous.