Some remember .. but on this date in 1976 Bruce Jenner not only won the gold medal in the Olympic Decathlon event, but he set a record and overcame a huge Russian favorite.  He went into the Olympics thinking that if he could be within 150 points of the leader after day one, then he could win.  He was within 35 after the first day, and his day 2 performance was just as predicted.  I remember the final 300 yard sprint to the 1500m victory and the victory lap draped in the American flag.  He was Athlete of the Year and he made the Wheaties box cover (huge back then)... he was a genuine hero.  It makes me a little sad and a little embarrassed to see him now as a over-procedured "backdrop" on one of the biggest TV wastes-of-time...The Kardashians.  Oh well, at least he never had to lie about performance-enhancing drug use, eh....?

(photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)