Here on the morning show we have Klinger, a diehard St. Louis Cardinals fan, and Alyssa, a fair weather Chicago Cubs fan. And thanks to the Cubs greatest season in 108 years, tension has been high in the studio.

Back in early October, before the Cubs had even won the NLCS over the Dodgers, Klinger had already had enough of Alyssa's fandom and called her out on her "bandwagon-ness." Alyssa being a confident fan that she is, decided a bet was in order.

So now that Chicago has FINALLY won a World Series, Klinger had to suck it up and get a Cubs logo shaved into his head. But first, we need your help deciding which one to get, cast your vote below:

Miguel Rosas was kind enough to stop into the studio to give Klinger his new hairdo live on air. He'll be at River Music Experience this Saturday giving free haircuts as part of Moondance, all proceeds benefit the Karli Rose Kell Music Scholarship Fund.

Here's some of Miguel's recent Cub-inspired work: