Apparently this woman wanted to make sure she didn't test positive for drugs, but did test positive for electrolytes.

29-year-old Tabatha Coulombe of Charlotte County, Florida is on probation for being convicted of felony animal cruelty back in 2013. Part of her probation agreement is taking regular drug tests.

She took one in early January and tested positive for amphetamines, so she had to be drug-free a few weeks later or she'd violate her probation. She couldn't trust her pee to come up clean.

So, instead of peeing into a cup, she smuggled a little bottle in her lady parts filled with warm water and yellow Gatorade, and poured it into the test cup.

As soon as it was tested, it obviously came back as Gatorade. Tabatha was just arrested for violating her probation.

(Charlotte County Sheriff's Office)