I know in America we're supposed to sue everybody for everything, but this still seems absurd.

54-year-old Jennifer Connell lives in New York City, and just sued her 12-year-old relative Sean Tarala for breaking her wrist with a hug. Sean calls her "Auntie Jen", although technically she's his dad's cousin.


Jennifer went to Sean's eighth birthday party in Connecticut back in March of 2011. He was so excited when he saw her, he ran over, jumped into her arms, gave her a huge hug, knocked her down and she broke her wrist.

She recently filed a $127,000 lawsuit against him for negligence, and left it up to a jury to decide if an eight-year-old is capable of being negligent.

She was in court last week and said, "I live in Manhattan in a third-floor walk-up so it has been very difficult. We all know how crowded it is in Manhattan. I was at a party recently and it was difficult to hold my hors d'oeuvre plate."

The jury reached a verdict yesterday afternoon and ruled against Jennifer. Sean won't have to pay for her injury.

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