On Monday night, a 23-year-old guy in Portland, Oregon by the name of Jeffrey Mack agreed to meet up with 20-year-old Heather Hegre, who he'd been talking to online. She wanted to go to Arby's for their first date.

They didn't even go inside. They went through the drive-thru and he bought her a milkshake. Which he paid for with a $5 bill. Then he put two dollars in change in his wallet, set it on the center console, and thought everything was going great.

But, while they were waiting for the shake, Heather grabbed the wallet, jumped out of the car, and ran off.

(Clackamas County Jail)

Luckily Jeffrey hadn't gotten cash out for the date, so the two dollars he'd gotten back in change from the milkshake was all he had. He called 911, and police eventually tracked Heather down. When they arrested her, they found a bunch of meth in her minivan, along with Jeffrey's wallet, with the $2 still in it.