If yoga is about finding your path to inner peace, some people's paths will inevitably diverge. Like, say, this woman's.

41-year-old Nancy Duarte of Dallas, Texas has been going to a studio called American Power Yoga and she's been having trouble with a guy who works there.

Nancy says he kept hitting on her, wanted to make her his 'girlfriend on the side' and tried to put his hands on her. Finally it was too much for her. So on Saturday night, she waited until the studio closed and set the place on fire.

It was in a strip mall with a few other stores, some of them had to be evacuated. No one was hurt, but she did some serious damage to the yoga studio. She's now facing an arson charge.

(Dallas FIre & Rescue)

Whether you agree with her for being angry at the guy or not, she's clearly a little nuts, just look at that huge smile on her face.