57-year-old Aliona Russo went to a fancy restaurant in New York City called Villagio's last August, and ordered a piece of fish. It cost $42. For that price, there'd better be something special about it and Aliona says there was.

When she bit into it the hook used to catch it was still inside. It was between two and three inches, Aliona says it cut her mouth. She also says it's caused her psychological damage and made her afraid to eat fish, which WAS her favorite food.

So now she's suing the restaurant. She didn't give a specific amount of money in the lawsuit, so she may be leaving it up to a jury to decide.

One of the owners of the restaurant says the lawsuit is garbage. He says their fish are all caught with nets, so the woman must've put the hook in the fish herself.

He also says right after Aliona allegedly bit the hook, her husband told the manager at the restaurant they wouldn't sue for $50,000.

(Aliona Russo)
(Aliona Russo)