Tina Gleim and her dog, Echo, went into the PNC Bank in Warrington Township last week just to sign some papers. While they were there however, the bank was robbed. Tina, without hesitating, followed the suspect and rammed his getaway vehicle.

"I guess it didn't hit me that I should've been afraid," said Gleim, 51, who lives on a 40-acre farm in the township. "The opportunity presented itself."

It happened shortly before 10 a.m. Gleim, a soft-spoken woman recently diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, was at the bank to sign documents for a safe-deposit box for Wellsville Frontier Days -- she serves as treasurer -- and to cash a couple of checks.

She brought her huskie, Echo, and because it was a nice day, she left the dog in the car with the passenger-side window cracked. She usually brings Echo into the bank, and when signing the papers was taking longer than she thought, she told the woman helping her that she was going to go out to roll down the driver's side window so Echo could get more air. The woman told her to bring Echo inside.

As she left the bank, she saw one of the tellers in the space between the two front doors. "She was visibly shaking," Gleim said. "She looked emotional."

Gleim asked her if she was all right, and she said, "We just got robbed." Gleim was in a side office when the robbery occurred and was unaware it had happened.

Then, the teller pointed out the door and said, "There he goes."

Gleim saw a man trotting across Rossville Road toward the Pinchot Park Lions Club Community Building. She thought, 'I'll follow him.'

-Original story provided by York Daily Record