It's okay when you reach the point where sleeping in an extra half hour is more appealing than waking up for morning sex.  No judgments from us.

This woman will judge you, though.

Port St. Lucie PD

A 34-year-old woman named Jennifer Furguson from Port St. Lucie, Florida has been with her boyfriend for two years, and she tried to wake him up at 6:30 A.M. last Wednesday to get-it-on. But he told her no.

She got so mad she started KICKING him in the FACE . . . over and over “while he was laying on the bed.”

He called the cops, and she was arrested for misdemeanor battery.  And clearly he's not ready to forgive her yet, since it's almost a week later and she's STILL locked up . . . because no one's paid her $500 bond.

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