Even though this sounds impossible to bros like you and me, there is such a thing as breasts that are too big.

40-year-old Kerisha Mark is a school social worker in Beaumont, Texas. And yes, her breasts were too big. Kerisha has a rare condition called gigantomastia that caused her breasts to grow to ungodly sizes. Check this out...


By her late 30s, she needed a bra that was a 36-triple-N, and each of her breasts weighed 15 pounds.

They hung down to her knees without a bra, her doctor described them as each looking like three basketballs stacked on top of each other. And she had to use duct tape to keep them in place.

Obviously they were causing her a ton of pain, it was impossible for her to work out or even jump.

She finally had a four-hour breast reduction surgery in September, which left her as a relatively tiny double-D.

She says she's thrilled, "Getting my breasts reduced was like a divorce. And like a bad relationship, you don't always realize how bad things were until it's over."