It's bad enough that Walmart usually only has like three lanes open at checkout, then something like this happens. A pregnant woman was shopping at a Walmart in Payson, Utah on Sunday morning when she started having stomach pains.

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Right as she was in line to check out, she figured out she'd gone into labor so she asked the manager to call 911. But that baby was coming, the staff ran to grab towels and blankets to help deliver the baby right there in the checkout line.

Meanwhile, the woman used that opportunity to pay for her stuff. The manager says, "[She] was down on her knees and she insisted on paying for her merchandise and we're like, 'You know that's just not important.' We were going to take care of her on it."

But she paid anyway, then she had her baby. That's when the EMTs finally showed up and took them to the hospital. They're both doing great.

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