38-year-old Karen Davis of Port Pirie, Australia was outside in January when she saw the Google Maps car driving by, so she ran out to the curb, lifted up her shirt, and flashed her massive breasts at it.

Her topless photo made it up onto Google Maps for almost two months before someone noticed and she was finally censored yesterday.

(Google Maps)

So why did Karen do it? "I look at Google Maps a lot and I wanted to be on there and I thought this is the way to do it. I got to tick something else off my bucket list." And she suspects she knows who reported her. "All the flat chicks think I'm disgusting. Big boob envy has hit Port Pirie."

If you really need to see the uncensored version, it's at The Smoking Gun. Don't say we didn't warn you, it's NSFW and Not Safe For Life.