Lois Matykowski of Stevens Point, Wisconsin lost her wedding ring six years ago. She and her husband had been married 20 years, they'd just upgraded the diamond on the ring and it wasn't insured yet when it disappeared.

Fast forward to last week. Lois's family has a pet Rottweiler named Tucker who eats everything and last Monday, he swallowed an entire popsicle, including the stick.

So Lois called the vet, who had her induce vomiting. When Tucker threw up, the stick came out . . . and as Lois was cleaning up the vomit, she noticed something sparkling.

Turns out Tucker had eaten her ring six years ago, and it had been lodged in his stomach ever since. The vet thinks the popsicle stick might've dislodged it.

Lois says she cleaned the ring with a toothbrush and it looks brand new. I'm not sure that I'D want to wear a ring that just spent six years in a dog's stomach, but hey, good for her.

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