Jennifer Smith ran Waukesha's Dirty Girl Mud Run and says it was degrading and uncomfortable with volunteers that were creepy, making the outdoor rinse station uncomfortable.

"I looked and there were women hosing off in front of everybody and I looked and was like, what is this all about."

She also felt one of the volunteers was creepy when he tossed mud at the runners.

"It was in my face, my mouth, I couldn't see. It was horrible and then he said, 'You like that, want some more of that?'"

Smith posted her comments on facebook and had some women agree with her about the privacy issues saying, "The man at the bottom of the slide did the same thing to my friends, and they did not enjoy that either" and another woman said, "Very disappointed by the lack of privacy for the showers."

Still many others defended the race saying--"We're grateful for the rinse off area to not be private" going on the say it prevents women from taking full showers and keeps the lines moving.

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