Carol Suchman was walking down a street in New York recently, when she passed a toy store that was going out of business.

She and her husband used to own a tech company, which they sold a while back. Apparently they're pretty well off.

Carol Suchman

Every year, she buys a bunch of toys and gives them to charity. But this time she decided to go big... She bought out the entire store. She negotiated with the owner, it's not clear how much she spent but she bought every single toy, plus a bunch of school supplies and whatever else he had.

Then she organized it all, bagged it up, and donated it to the city's Department of Homeless Services. Thousands of homeless kids will get Christmas gifts. She told the local news that a lot of kids who are homeless or in foster care end up getting used toys for Christmas. She wanted to make sure they also had something new to open this year.

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