Vicki Rabe-Harrison of Oshkosh, Wisconsin recently saved a hurt duck after it lost both of its feet to frostbite. She thought she'd have to put it down, because it couldn't walk.

She emailed Jason Jischke, an engineering teacher at a nearby middle school. She knew he had a 3-D printer, and thought maybe he could use it to make new feet. Jason thought it was a joke. Luckily, about an hour before the duck was supposed to be put down, he called her back to say he'd give it a shot. And it worked!

He printed two plastic feet that that fit over the duck's legs. It had some trouble balancing at first, but things got better, and now it can even swim with them.

An animal sanctuary near Milwaukee offered to take it in, so Vicki dropped off the duck the other day. The engineering department at a local college is working on another pair of feet that should fit even better.

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