You wanna see Metallica at the Iowa Speedway in Newton? You want to take a limo to the show? We have your chance to win and it's gonna take a lot of balls.

Our friends at Luxury Limo and Green Tree Brewery have come together to help us with this sweet prize. Here's how we're going to do it:

Starting tomorrow we'll begin qualifying 400 listeners, each contender gets a number, every number goes on a ball. Keep listening to the morning show through Tuesday morning as we fill up our ball sack.

After we get our 400 balls numbered, we're going to drop them from a hot air balloon thanks to Darrell at P I Ball Balloons – (309) 787-0107, and whichever ball that Alyssa catches will be our winner.

That winner gets four tickets to see Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, and Volbeat along with a limo ride to the show.

By the way, the Quad City Balloon Fest is looking for volunteers. Head over to their site for more details.