15 years ago, when there was a movie that clearly was portraying an NFL team, they couldn't use a logo or team name.  Which is a shame because it took you out of the story when they mentioned the "championship game" instead of Super Bowl.  The "Leopards" or "Night Owls" clearly aren't popular football teams.

Then licencing came into play.  Jerry Maguire was able to use the logos & names and you were able to focus on the story.  The NFL liked the story, so they let them use it all.

The Concussion?  They're not going to like this story.  So, I'm confused because in the trailer below, you can see they used team logos.  There's no doubt they're talking about the NFL...and not in a very good light.

The movie is out in December.  I will be going to see this movie for sure!

But not on a Sunday.

Here's the original GQ article, "Game Brain" that started the firestorm.