I don't know what I ever did, but every day I am greeted by some new mess left by the various bird gangs in my neighborhood.  Could my neighborhood be a gathering place for birds with bad attitudes?  We had a new fence put in recently and it gets doused with white and black splashes weekly.  After the heavy rains come through and wash them away, the birds come back and decorate it again!!  I opened up my garage door the other day and a bird that was hovering nearby flew directly over to my garbage can and dropped a load right on the top of it!  What the.... !?!   Yesterday, I come outside to see 4 or 5 birds grazing in my front lawn.  As soon as I walk out, one of them flies over to my mailbox, looks right at me, and drops his "gift" right on the post!  My van gets dropped on every day .. our driveway and walks have more stains than anyone else on the street ... what the hell is going on here ??  Every year, those miserable Grackles drop fecal sacks in and around our pool for a few weeks .. I hate it, but at least I know WHY they do it.  It's a protection method, a natural instinct, but they don't give a crap that we might actually be swimming at the time.  It makes me wish I had a flame thrower! So if you couldn't tell, all this bird activity is making me crazy.  Why is MY property their first choice for a toilet?  Can they sense my hatred?  Do they laugh with each other at all my reactions?  Again,  I don't know what I ever did to deserve this.  It's not as if we once had a bird feeder but took it down and they're pissed ... But whatever it was, I'd surely apologize if I could speak "bird" !